With almost two years of delay the film  Alta definizione An Italian in Norway arrives on our screens. A magnificent satirical comedy, seen in Italy by more than ten million viewers, which managed to be the highest grossing film in the history of that country with 65.2 million euros in revenue. A historical record in the transalpine country surpassing a whole phenomenon of the screens at that time, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Premiere on Friday, April 28.

Synopsis of An Italian in Norway

Checco has the job of his dreams, he is a civil servant in a province in southern Italy. He is 38 years old, a girlfriend, he lives comfortably at his parents’ house and is so happy. But his placid life is threatened when the State decides to apply cuts and he is forced to choose between compensation or a transfer. For him, a permanent position is sacred and he will fight to maintain it no matter what inhospitable corner of the world they want to send him to.

Let’s put the movie

Actor Checco Zalone is the protagonist and co-author of the script along with director Gennaro Nunziante, although in reality  Checco Zalone is the stage name created by the Italian actor, comedian, musician, presenter and screenwriter  Luca Pasquale Medici.  He became very famous in Italy in 2006 with a song of his own,  Siamo una squadra fortissimi, in which he celebrated the victory of the Italian soccer team in the World Cup that year.

An Italian in Norway is the fourth film in which the director and actor work together. The previous three,  Cado dalle nubi (2009),  Che bella giornata (2011) Sole a catinelle (2013) with enormous success at the box office in Italy. Such is the success and popularity of this duo, that in Italy they are compared to the golden age of postwar Italian comedy, and to names such as Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi, Vittorio Gassman or Alberto Sordi.

Checco Zalone  plays Checco, a picturesque character forced to narrate his life before an exotic African tribe that is holding him captive. A sparkling and fun story full of stereotypes of Italian society, treated with a very good sense of humor, which could well be extrapolated to all the countries of southern Europe.

About the plot

We are introduced to a lazy, macho, selfish official who, with more than thirty years of age, still lives with his parents. He enjoys a magnificent job whose greatest difficulty is to stamp hunting permits, he also considers himself a privileged person, a superior being, envied because he is a Public Administration official with a permanent position, which guarantees him a paid job for life and a great pension upon retirement.

Times are changing, and the Italian Administration announces a series of cuts, which actually existed three years ago in Italy, when the Senate approved the suppression of the provinces, at the same time as the elimination of three thousand civil servant jobs. with the intention of saving around 800 million euros. We observe in the film, how the State offers interesting compensations to stimulate the resignation of the positions, or on the contrary, transfers so far from home that most of the workers agree to take the money. However, Checco, is not willing to give up a privileged situation that his father has instilled in him since childhood to be someone in life.

End point

How far will Checco be able to go, in order to keep his fixed position ?, because at the end of the world, at the North Pole itself. From here, in Nordic lands, a lot of fluids and bright gags run, difficult to highlight one over another. Most of them are to caricature the character, lifestyle, and customs of Italian society so diametrically opposed to Nordic. To a lesser extent, there are some very good ones, for me the best ones, impossible to avoid some laughter, related to the liberal mentality of the Norwegians especially in love matters.