Spanish productions are booming, with series and films that showcase the talent that exists in our country. In this context, the main a la carte platforms are constantly uploading new stories to their catalog. Amazon Prime Video is no exception and adds Spanish productions that gave a lot to talk about to its list of series and movies. If you have never seen them, or if you want to enjoy them again, here we bring you all the details about the (not so) new that is added to the streaming platform.


The One Coming – Season 12

The last season of one of the most iconic Spanish series in history comes to an end with 16 episodes. This comedy, intended primarily for a young and adult audience, was deeply rooted in Spanish society, especially due to irony and dark humor. Most of his plots take place in the fictional Mirador de Montepinar urbanization, where the protagonists live and relate to each other.

The writers of the series confirmed that they are planning a spin-off, but clarified that this last season means the resolution of the plot that captivated millions of Spaniards. The previous 11 seasons of “La que se avecina” are also available on Amazon Prime Video.


Everyone knows it (2018)

Amazon Prime uploads one of the best Spanish pelis online of recent years to its film catalog. Starring Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and the Argentine Ricardo Darin, the plot tells the story of Laura (Cruz), who returns with her family from Buenos Aires to her hometown in Spain to attend a celebration. What was going to be a brief family visit, will be altered by a series of unforeseen events that will completely shake the life of the woman and her family. Everyone knows it  was a film directed and written by the Iranian by Asghar Farhadi received several Goya Award nominations.

Litus (2019)

This dramatic comedy, directed by Dani de la Orden, tells the story of a group of friends who meet three months after Litus’ death in a car accident. After that meeting, called by Litus’s older brother, friends begin to wonder if it was not really a suicide. From here, traumas and secrets of the past come to light to try to understand what really happened to the young man. The cast is made up of Quim Gutierrez, Belen Cuesta, Adrian Lastra and Marta Lastra, among others.

Father there is only one (2019)

The renowned director Santiago Segura (“Torrente”) directs and stars in this comedy, which is a version of the Argentine film “Mama se de viaje” by Ariel Winograd. Javier (Segura) is a man who thinks he knows them all and does absolutely nothing for his wife and 5 children. Everything changes when his wife goes on a trip and he is in charge of the boys, between four and twelve years old. A nice family comedy to have a good time. At the end of 2019, Santiago Segura declared that “Father there is only one” will have a second part in 2020.

Champions (2018)

The story centers on Marco (Javier Gutierrez), a basketball coach who, after having a drunk car accident, has to choose between spending 18 months in prison or taking charge of a team made up of people with intellectual disabilities. In this way, Aderes Burjassot takes over. From here, the plot focuses on the relationship it establishes with its clients. Champions, directed by Javier Fesser, received very positive reviews and important awards, such as the Goya for best film of 2018.

The Exile (2018)

The sudden appearance of Vera (Jelena Jovanova), a young woman of Albanian origin, in an Albanian town causes Jordi (Michel Noher) to decide to investigate what happened to his father Pau (Leonardo Sbaraglia), who disappeared 20 years ago and to whom all gave for dead. Just arrived from Argentina, Jordi will attend the funeral of an important Minister, where he meets his cousin Diego (Jan Cornet). The mysterious Vera will give Jordi some clues about what happened to her father, who begins, together with Diego, the search for his father. This thriller, by Nacho Ruiperez, is another excellent option to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Before the Burning (2019)

This film by Fernando Colombo tells the life of Quique (Salva Reina), a friendly joker who tries to support his family. El Tuti (Joaquin Nunez), a drug dealer, asks him for help to steal the largest deposit in Spain before it is burned. The film is a humorous thriller and has been awarded two prizes (“Audience Award” and “Best Supporting Actress” for Maggie Civantos) at the Malaga Festival.