From July 30th, the “Back to the Future” films will once again be shown in numerous cinemas across Germany. Fans of the cult trilogy can also look forward to the upcoming 4K evaluation and new, sometimes unusual special editions for home cinema!

While current blockbusters are currently still on hold ( “Tenet” should really start at the end of August ), there are opportunities in many places to experience legendary classics on the screen again or even for the first time – including Robert Zemeckis ‘ “Back to the Future “series.

“Back to the future” in the cinema again from July 30th!

But that’s not all: For the 35th anniversary of the first film, Universal Pictures is also donating a new edition of the cult film series for home cinema – and with it you can continue the adventures of Marty McFly ( Michael J. Fox ) and Doc Brown ( Christopher Lloyd ) from autumn on never experience before.

Back to the future for the first time on 4k blu-ray

While some classics are still waiting for their first 4K release, “Star Wars” is now followed by another of the most popular film series of all time. And the release date is probably not entirely random:

“Back to the Future I-III” will be released on October 22nd, 2020 on 4K Blu-ray – almost exactly to the day exactly five years after Marty arrived in “Back to the Future II” in 2015 to see his perfect world to keep from collapsing again.

So you can see the films streaming for the first time in razor-sharp Ultra HD, including Dolby Vision and HDR10 + – in addition, at least the original English sound should be available in Dolby Atmos. And of course fans are once again spoiled for choice.

Several editions to choose from

Even if fans have ” Back to the future “, ” Back to the future II ” and ” Back to the future III ” already on the shelves, you want to use the UHD premiere to celebrate the anniversary of part 1 to celebrate – with a large selection of new editions:

4K Steelbook Collection: The edition for everyone who really wants the best picture and sound quality. The three films are contained on Blu-ray and 4K-Blu-ray, and are housed in individual steel books, the covers of which, side by side, create a neat DeLorean motif.

Limited Edition (available exclusively from Amazon): The three films on Blu-ray, including a new master, will also be available exclusively from the online retailer Amazon, including a special extra in the media book: the set includes a red quilted vest in the “Marty-McFly- Look ”.

Mediabook:  If you have no use for the vest from the “Coast Guard”, but do not want to do without a nice packaging, the limited edition in the Mediabook is worthwhile (without additional knick-knacks).

Remastered new edition on Blu-ray: And if you don’t value special editions at all, but don’t have the films on your shelf yet, you will also get a simple new Blu-ray edition with a new master from October.